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15 December 2021

Your wish within reach

We all have our own desires. Large or small, they can last a few minutes or even forever.

Developed in the 1980s from the combined ingenuity of two great maestros, the Minibox is one of the first examples of lighting and engineering research of its time. A big little timeless desire.

Aulenti-Castiglioni, a duo of creators

To create this light-hearted and surprising lamp, Gae Aulenti worked in conjunction with Piero Castiglioni. We are talking about two extremely well-known personalities in their respective fields, who, in designing the Minibox, unite in a mix of experience, creativity and genius.

It is thus logical that the light encapsulates many interesting ideas that are still quite modern today. First of all, the recessed optics specifically limit glare with the light sources currently available, being more problematic for the modern versions. Still, the study carried out in the past continues to be of use today and, together with the dimmable light, optimal visual comfort along with a soft and precise light emission are guaranteed.

A “pop” lamp

In its table-top version, the Minibox is somewhat reminiscent of a miner’s lamp.

The metal body, comfortable handle and a luminous “eye” that can be rotated, hooked and unhooked very easily – indeed, the magnetic attachment between the head and the lamp body allows the light source to be oriented with complete freedom of movement.

A design that is as functional as it is playful! Moving the “luminous eye” of the lamp is not only fun but also allows you to direct the light beam as you please.

The five colours in which the lamp is produced – white, black, coffee, green and red – make it a “pop” object, offering high aesthetic customisation whilst allowing it to fit in with contemporary furnishings and environments.

A must-have

Solid and with a reassuring handle, the Minibox adorns with a touch of fun, whilst its precise and dedicated light illuminates little corners of the house, the architectural details or any otherwise dark or poorly-emphasised points where only subtle lighting is needed.

A real must have for contemporary living!

We all have our own desires. Some are unreachable, yet others are close at hand, just like the Minibox!


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