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30 January 2023

At Stilnovo, we’re all set for the launch of three magnificent new re-releases. Meta, entirely conceived and realised by Stilnovo. Gravitino 541, fruit of the Italian genius of Antonio Macchi Cassia and today re-proposed with integrated LED technology. And last but not least, Bugia, also the brainchild of the famous Milanese designer. Together, these three products usher in a 2023 rich in incredible surprises and innovations!

An icon of Italian design, Meta by Stilnovo was developed in the 1970s and today, as it did back then, bears witness to elegance through pure form. With small yet significant technological touches, Meta was previewed at the 2022 Milan Furniture Fair and is now finally back on the market. Characterised by simple, uncomplicated lines, Meta comes to life with just enough strokes of the pencil to create a veritable masterpiece.

Gravitino 541 (1969) by Antonio Macchi Cassia, premiered at the international lighting event of Light+Building 2022 in Frankfurt and today is reborn with Stilnovo.In the Gravitino 541, the upper sphere housing the LED light source is connected to the sphere at the base via a magnet. This type of attachment offers total freedom of movement for the light source, which can slide in any direction and rotate 360°. The light source is then set back for better visual comfort. This piece is available in the tabletop, wall or ceiling versions.

The shape of the Bugia (1977) by Antonio Macchi Cassia is reminiscent of the old candle holders with handles, commonly known as a “Bugia” in Italian, as a simplification of the name of the African city of Bidgiaya that supplied most of the wax used to make the candles (and also the term for a white lie!). This anecdote accompanies the “modern” Bugia of today, being a tabletop or wall lamp with single or double emission, as simple as it is ingenious.


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