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15 January 2021

Hit the road with Valigia

15th January 2021

Ettore Sottsass’ Valigia (the ‘Suitcase’) goes back into production, with a design faithful to the 1977 original, only ever produced by Stilnovo.

The ironic and informal Valigia consists of a little handle and two supporting arches in red tubing connected to the metal vault containing the light. A little work of architecture with no precise boundaries, avowedly meant to be taken anywhere.

The result is a fun and versatile light, a symbolic invitation to travel, being quite auspicious for when we can return to being free travellers setting off around the world.

Red and black represent a typical chromatic combination adored by the Master, so much so that it can be found in other projects such as the Valentine typewriter for Olivetti and the Mandarin chair for Knoll. The vaulted section is a further expressive geometry typical of Sottsass, found in many of his products (the SP.63 and Etruscan mirrors), as well as in abstract drawings, including the famous axonometric projection “Architettura Monumentale”.

Valigia is the fifth light designed by Sottsass for Stilnovo, after 1968’s Ortros, Lampros and Manifesto, 1973’s Sinus and Don which, like the Valigia, dates back to 1977.


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