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2 December 2021

Buonanotte I love you

Buonanotte was created specifically as a way to wish someone a goodnight, bedside. Fancy that!
Yet, the lamp made by Giovanni Luigi Gorgoni in 1965 is a small but stand-out piece of décor, ideal for any location and environment.

A winning bet

It was Bruno Gatta himself who commissioned Gorgoni to create the Buonanotte, seeing in the then-young architect and urban planner the potential to successfully try his hand at industrial design. He was not the only one – even Gio Ponti, Gorgoni’s mentor, backed Gatta’s “bet”. More than half a century, countless successful projects and products and even a VIA Award conferred to Gorgoni by the French Industries and Design Association all testify how the extent of the Stilnovo founder’s foresight. And Buonanotte, with its playful and entertaining form, embodies the style of the table lamps of the time whilst being truly modern and stylish even today.

Designed for everyone

In creating this piece, Giovanni Luigi Gorgoni took into account the importance that the commercial impact of the product would have on the future of Stilnovo and of those who worked there. Buonanotte was built for fun and playful purposes, as a mass product within everyone’s reach and perfect for mass production, which could allow the company to support itself. And just think, it was the dawn of industrial design as we know it now!

The moon at your fingertips

Buonanotte was a great success back then, just as it is now. Like phases of the moon, the luminous heart of the large white glass sphere can be shielded by manually orienting the metal quarters, which come in four different colours: yellow, blue, red and white. With a simple motion, the atmosphere changes – open for reading, half way for mood lighting or closed for sleeping, as an accessory to your dreams.

The first words you should speak to the one beside you when you awaken each morning are “Good Morning, I love you.”
The last words you should speak each night are “Good Night, I love you.”

Denis Waitley


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