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21 October 2021

Stilnovo: Original for the Originals

21st October 2021

The historic Milanese company, now part of the Linea Light Group, is relaunching the brand with a new campaign which revives the values instilled in the essence of the iconic collections.

Sure enough, Original for the Originals is not just the slogan of the new Stilnovo campaign: it is an authentic declaration of intent.

An oddball figure with an unusual hairstyle standing under an iconic light which marked the history of Italian design. An eccentric girl who appears to be having an unexpected “light bulb” moment. These images form the basis of the new branding campaign of Stilnovo, the historic Milan-based lighting company, now part of Linea Light Group, which has dominated the scene since the 1980s.

Stilnovo has been known for the originality of its creations since the early 1950s, when the first lights were launched and rapidly achieved icon status, stamping their mark on the lighting sector with their bold look.

Moreover, Stilnovo’s aim now is to be a people-oriented brand, reflecting real needs through a more popular, dynamic and inclusive approach. With a design that becomes an authentic companion in everyday life.

For this reason, the new campaign is built around the relationship between object and subject. Its aim is to highlight the irreverent, playful, unexpected and meaningful relationship between the two parties, underscored by the use of bold colours and contrasting 1980s-style colour combinations. Protagonists are unusual and original.

They belong to different cultures and convey a message intended to radically change the perception of design. The campaign is centred around the “originals, but around all of us as well. Ordinary, yet, at the same time, extraordinary people, thanks to our diversity which makes us unique and special – even if we often don’t realise it.

And what about the Stilnovo lights? They are not unattainable objects; on the contrary, they are quite the opposite. In particular, they are design icons, it’s true, but ones which you can relate to, which share your personality and your ironic, irreverent, optimistic, unique and original side.

So, Stilnovo is a brand that offers genuine happiness. Attractive and functional products to make people feel at ease in any setting, from homes to studios or offices. In addition, Stilnovo believes that design should entertain, arouse positive ideas and associations in people’s minds, becoming a fun companion in everyday life.

Stilnovo products are intended for a dynamic audience, for people who love sharing their happiness with others, for those who are not only hyper-connected, but also have a clear idea of what they want and who trust in their own taste, for those who are looking for an emotional connection with the brand.

Above all, they are for those people who have an aversion to official approval and a total look and keep well away from it: this is the reasoning behind Original for the Originals.


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